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Voice In The Wilderness on Thursday 29th April 2021 was a Special Programme. Click Here if you missed it.

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Dear Howard,

Just watched the Voice in the Wilderness from the beginning. First we missed Ellie very much and hope and pray she is OK.

It is very easy to have a critical spirit and certainly I will confess that was initially my sin tonight when the program got under way and we had the Kyle show. As the program unfolded God reminded me of my first years as a Christian and I almost certainly made experienced people cringe, but they blessed and taught me with love and patience.

What God also showed me was something which is I needed to say to you to encourage you, as there were critical comments tonight and we know, in your honesty, that opinion really does matter to your sensitive heart. What I felt God was showing me was that you are taking risks to encourage the Elisha generation, who will pick up the mantle that you will one day put down. The growth in young Ellie, the maturity in Nikki and not forgetting others who have grown with Rev TV over the years. You are discipling young people in the most real and wonderful way to be in turn the soul winners of the next generation on the airwaves. I suspect Kyle was very challenged tonight and I hope and pray the experience will lead him to a close relationship with God and a love for His Word. Much truth did come from his lips, though maybe it wasn’t so clearly expressed and he has two awesome communicators to follow in his parents, they will undoubtedly help him too. Kyle should also be encouraged, which was obviously your mission, to read the Word and know our God for himself, good for us all to be challenged too, to define in ourselves what we believe and where our foundation is.

I would say to Kyle, we can know the stories, but the secret to scripture is to know the Author, then it becomes a living word, full of revelation of the heart of God and His ways with man.

Be encouraged my brother both of us born in 1946 and both still in a harness or two. Die with our boots on no doubt. Be encouraged, getting a response from Christians is no mean feat, so many are apathetic so reaction isn’t bad, but I hope they can see the bigger picture, not be judgemental of either you or Kyle, but love and pray for that Elisha generation to carry the double blessing. You may use any part of this email if it is at all appropriate.

We love you Howard and all the Rev TV team, seen and unseen.

God bless you all.


02 May 2021

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