UK Government Landmark Pledge to Support Persecuted Christians

Bishop of Truro, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Baroness Goldie

The UK Government has made a landmark pledge to boost support for persecuted Christians who are having their right to freedom of religion violated.

The government has promised to implement all the recommendations in “full” from a report into the global persecution of Christians. Last year the former foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, commissioned Rev. Philip Mounstephen, the Bishop of Truro, to examine the global persecution of Christians and assess the UK government’s response. The report found that 80 per cent of religiously motivated attacks in the world are against Christians and coined the term 'Christophobia.'

"80 per cent of religiously motivated attacks in the world are against Christians"

Jeremy Hunt and the Bishop of Truro

In the report Rev. Philip Mountstephen, Bishop of Truro made a number of recommendations to the UK Foreign Office:

  • Seek a Security Council Resolution urging all governments in the Middle East and North Africa to protect Christians, and other persecuted minorities, and allow UN observers to monitor the necessary security measures
  • Identify a label for Christian persecution, to better inform ad develop tailored Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) policies in response
  • Consider imposing sanctions on perpetrators of serious human rights abuses against religious minorities, including Christians
  • Establish a stream of the Magna Carta Fund, dedicated to helping persecuted Christians
  • All Foreign Office staff – at home and abroad – should have mandatory training on religious literacy, subject to resources
  • British embassies and high commissions in relevant countries should deliver tailored responses to any violations of freedom of religion or belief

Baroness Annabel Goldie

Now the government has offically pledged to implement all the recommendations in full. Speaking last week during a foreign affairs debate in the House of Lords, Baroness Goldie, Minister of State at the Ministry of Defence, announced that the government intends to “implement the recommendations in full.”

"The government intends to “implement the recommendations in full.”

The announcement comes after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to stand with persecuted Christians during his Christmas message.

WATCH the full episode about the Persecution report below, and read the Bishop of Truro’s full report or download the PDF online.

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13 Jan 2020

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