Turning Weakness into Strength

On Insight Live this week - imagine if you discovered you had dyslexia when you were in your forties. 

How would you feel, how would you come to terms with it and how would you move forward? 

This happened to Sarah Grace, Kurt and Melanie´s guest this week on Insight Live. They will be discussing her new book: Journey with Grace and find out how she as an accomplished integrative psychotherapist turned her weakness into strength.

In Sarah´s own words she has this to say about her dyslexia, “My dyslexia, which I call my brilliant secret weapon, seemed to be my enemy for my entire school life and until I discovered I had it when I was in my forties. It came with no title; it was a secret kept from me as well as from everyone else. It came with no introduction or warning. 

Was it always there? Did I inherit it?

Sarah Grace is an integrative psychotherapist in private practice and a director at Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing. Embracing her own life journey with dyslexia, she uses her counselling and coaching skills, to work closely with clients helping them lead a more fulfilling life. 

Don´t miss this interview!  Insight Live Tuesday 9pm repeated Saturday 1pm. See you there.

17 Nov 2020

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