Trusting God through Challenges

We are living through challenging days?

Imagine what your life would be like if you really trusted God? Imagine the impact on your faith, your family and your other relationships. Imagine the impact on your career, ambitions, dreams, finances and your physical and mental health.

Imagine the doors God might open and the new adventures you might enjoy. Imagine the lasting legacy you might leave for the generations to come.

This week Dave and Simone chat to Pastor/author Simon Lawton on his book imagine. 


Simon is the author of "Imagine" and "Courage for the discouraged". He has pastored churches in Crewe, Newcastle and Birmingham. He's been a Christian since early childhood, having been adopted into a Christian family at birth. His birth father being American and his birth mother English. His journey has been quite an interesting one and through all the highs and lows Simon has discovered how to really trust God. 

Join them tonight at 9pm LIVE for Everyday Living. 

10 Jun 2021

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