Twilight Zone -Yemi & Sylvia discover how God is using all kinds of people during the Coronavirus epidemic

Join Yemi and Sylvia as they once again share testimonies of how God is using his people during the Coronavirus epidemic.

In a live interview they will speak to Branca Dias, a Brazilian woman who was called to care for her employers, a couple who were suffering with the Coronavirus.

As the lockdown began they told her to stop working.  The couple then both contracted Coronavirus, one mildly and the other was suffering with a more severe form.

Unable to cope they called her and asked her to return to work to look after them.

Even though she knew the dangers of contracting the disease herself, but as a faithful Christian worker with a heart to help, she decided to God in prayer and asked the Lord to intervene if He did not want her to go.

Hear her story about the direction the Lord gave her and what the outcome of that was.  What happened next is an awesome testimony of God’s faithfulness and healing.

They will also be sharing the testimony of a Pastor who got delivered from coronavirus, and how the Lord answered his prayer in a very special way.

It goes to show how we as Christians must always learn to trust the Lord, and always rely on Him in every situation.


05 May 2020

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