Kurt and Melanie discuss the influence of Social Media, would Jesus be on it and is it this that allows us to preach to all nations.

During this season where we have been locked down the world of the online has become even more prevalent for so many in the world. 

Many have been forced to live life from in front of a screen, whilst this can be limiting it can also open up great opportunities.

Social media holds the potential to influence so many these days – from youtube to facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn to name a few.  

These recently formed and much growing platforms now reach and connect so many in a totally different way than mainstream media – and their influence is great.

Melanie and Kurt discuss the power of this “social influence” and imagine ia self-isolating Jesus joining us in our present social distancing with a computer in front of him.  How would he minister, engage and influence people? 

Would he make use of such media platforms to demonstrate his father´s love? 

Would he send out a mass friend request to all, would his page be set to private or open?

Could he heal, cast out demons and teach online?  

Melanie and Kurt will look at how the Holy Spirit is influencing believers today to display the love of God through social media?   And do these platforms give us the unprecedented opportunity to “go into all the world” from the comfort of any room in our house! 

Join them as they explore these exciting opportunities. 

12 May 2020

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