Tonight on Insight Live - Why does God allow the Coronavirus

Join Kurt and Melanie on Insight Live as they interact with leading pastors, theologians and philosophers such as John Lennox, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at the University of Oxford who has just published his latest book, “Where is God in a Coronavirus World?” 

They will be asking the question on everybody's mind - Why does God allow the Coronavirus?

We will also see Pastor Rick Warren, leading Church leader and well known author - being interviewed on CNN about the challenge of why a loving God would allow evil to happen and how Christians should respond.

Kurt and Melanie will also be discussing important questions such as "Is God is allowing the coronavirus to devastate the world?"

Is it judgement?  If it is then why are mainly the poor and elderly being taken out? 

Are “true” Christians immune to the virus? 

Pastors and Christians all over the world has contracted and died from this virus - didn't God promise to protect them?  How can this be explained?

And as Christians are we asking the question "Is God really in control or are the forces of evil winning?"

Many are saying we are we really in the last days.  Do you believe that?

Is it just a storm, if so can we and how do we find comfort in it?

Live and interactive for you, what do you think?   Have your say.

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Insight Live

28 Apr 2020

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