Time For Revelation This Thursday at 9pm

On Thursday 17th November, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Right Hon Jeremy Hunt MP will bring his Autumn Statement before the House of Commons. The Chancellor’s aim is to make public spending manageable and reduce debt. 


Whether it is governments, organisations, or individuals, managing finances is critical to survival! When the date for Revelation TV’s November Time for Revelation programme was chosen we had no idea it would be the same day as the Chancellor’s statement. 


Unlike the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Revelation TV believes in the Godly principle of ‘no debt’ and ‘no borrowing’. On Thursday evening at 9.00 pm, Howard and Cy in Spain, and Gordon and Lesley in the UK, will be sharing information about the Revelation finances, and giving an opportunity for viewers to support the TV station with their tithes and offerings. 


Gordon Pettie

16 Nov 2022

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