Christians in Wuhan are finding creative ways to share the Gospel

The Preaching of the Gospel continues in Wuhan.

Christians in Wuhan are continuing to share and preach the gospel in various ways bringing much needed hope to the people in the area affected and those who have lost loved ones.

These are the words of Frances Father Liu as he shared a video where speakers have been placed on window sills and balconies sharing a message of hope to all in earshot. Thank God for them and bless them! He says in his Instagram post.

Chinese Christians are also out on the street handing out masks and gospel tracts and speaking to people about the love and hope found only in Jesus.  Freedom is found to do this publicly comes while the authorities are consumed with containing the virus and for caring for themselves.

A Church in Wuhan sent out a letter asking the Chinese churches to pray asking for the Lord to save them from this great calamity and for strength to go out and serve the elderly and the children and protection for those living in poverty.  Special prayers are asked for the healthcare workers as they attend the sick.

Pastor Tan Songhua from Wuhan Cornerstone Church reminded his Church that God says that He has “plans to prosper you and not to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).” He then called on Christians to pray for this city, and bring the peace of Christ to everyone.

18 Feb 2020

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