The Raise of Lawlessness

In this week’s live edition of Behind the Headlines, we will be discussing the disturbing raise of violence being directed at the police both in Britain and in the United States as our societies are heading full steam ahead towards lawlessness.

Kill the Bill protestors have called for a National Weekend of Action, over the Easter weekend. Last week this mob in Bristol turned on the police and even launch fireworks at police horses. It took over one hundred riot police to disperse the angry crowd. The demonstrators say that they are protesting the government’s proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. This legislation would give the Police in England and Wales greater power to impose conditions on non-violent protests.

We also witnessed in the US last summer the tragic murder of George Floyd whilst in Police custody, ignited an unpresented wave of violence as the Black Lives Matters supporters burnt and looted five miles of Minneapolis causing billion pounds worth of damage. Calls we made to defund the Police in the mists of a summer of breakdown of law and order.

What we have witnessed with Covid19 and the national lockdowns has contributed to the raise of extreme leftist movements that seek to overthrown law and order and the State. What we are witnessing in the raise of lawlessness, that the bible told us would happen before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please join us for this live edition of Behind the Headlines on Wednesday night at 9 pm as we see the raise of Lawlessness is another key marker stone indicating that the return is Jesus is imminent.

31 Mar 2021

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