The Radical Love of God

Join the She Matters ladies as they talk about the Radical Love of God – yes Radical.  

Radical enough to love us when we were far off, in our sinful state, in the miry clay.  Radical enough to send His son to live in a sinful world and die for those who rejected him.  

As parents we experience just a taste of this unconditional love as we give and give to our children expecting little in return.

Do we forget how much God loves us as we get further away from our born again day?    As we see children in wonderment at the world around them who grow in to adults who hardly notice it - do we too get complacent about the love of God that is so radical?   

And if so how do we change this?  How do we open our eyes to his radical love once again as David said restore in me the joy of my salvation.
Join the She Matters ladies as they discuss radical love and how to not only receive this on a daily basis but live it fully.

2.30 Thursday repeated at 12.30.  See you there!

17 Sep 2020

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