The Power of the Healing Word

On Friday at 10pm join Cyril and Breda Smyth for another hour in The Healing Word.  

A wonderful time in fellowship to learn, to share and to pray together.  To spend time together sharing and encouraging each other in our faith, the gift, as it says in Romans 1.12 of being "encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me" - how wonderful it is when we can truly fellowship together as a body of Christ.

Let us dig deep in to the Healing and powerful word of God, the word of God endures forever and it is the word by which the gospel is preached 1 Peter 1.25, the awesome word of God.

Do you have a prayer request?  Let them pray for you.  Join them in praying for others - share a testimony of God's grace and power and healing in your life and be encouraged by others.  For an hour they are live to take your emails and text messages -

Last week Donna and Helen wrote in

Dear Cyril and Breda As I was listening to your programme last friday I was struck by the words   When you have given someone to Jesus in prayer ,don't keep taking it back again!  I've been praying for my son Daniel who is caring for his father John ,and I've been like a terrier with a bone ! So I will take my burden to the Lord and leave it there! Blessings and Love Helenxxx 
Hi  good evening  I just stumbled  across  this station. And I was touched about what you were saying  about storms…  every one has some sort of storm. At the moment  I am going through  something  big .and I felt like a failure  .but after listening  to what ye were talking  about in the storm and the mountains   I offered it all up to the lord our God. GOD BLESS YE . Donna Oh I am from Ireland

This is a precious time of great fellowship as Cyril always says this is a three way programme between them and yourselves and God.  

Where two or three are gathered - join them every Friday at 10pm repeated 13.00 Wednesday



31 Jul 2020

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