The Fragrance of Love

On Tuesday on Insight Live join Melaine and Kurt as they ask 

What kind of fragrance are we spreading as Christians? What do we smell like? 

The Bible says we diffuse the fragrance of Christ into the world, what fragrance are we bringing or leaving with people? 

They will be asking, Are people around us noticing the fragrances of kindness, patience, joy, love and mercy being diffused through us? Do we “smell” good in the spiritual sense of the word, or do we need to upgrade our fragrance?

Kurt and Melanie will be explore the world of smells, perfumes and fragrances while drawing parallels to what is means to be the fragrance of Christ in today´s world.

Don´t miss this programme as it will challenge and inspire you to “smell” your best for Christ and for the world!

Join them Live on Tuesday at 9pm for your emails and comments and repeated 1pm Saturday.

See you there!

15 Sep 2020

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