The Alabaster Box

Join the She Matters team as they continue to look at women who have inspired them and today they look at the sinful woman with The Alabaster Box.

We often think there was just one woman with an Alabaster Box but in fact there were two - both anointed Jesus for different reasons but from the same deep felt love for him.

An Alabaster Box was given as a woman came of age and contained precious scent to be spent as a dowry or on her husband - the box itself was worth a significant amount of money and the perfume itself even more.  These women took this precious gift and broke it over Jesus - they wanted to give him everything in recognition for what he had done and given for them.

What has Jesus done for us? Do we really understand and appreciate this?  Do we weep over this, treasure his love as they did and would we give everything precious to anoint him.

Join the Ladies as they dicusss of how this 'sinful woman' must have felt to be welcome and accepted and loved by Jesus and how her act must have impacted so many and how grateful she would be for His love and forgiveness.

Join them Tuesday at 12.30 repeated Saturday at 12.30 Don't miss this programme that will speak to you and inspire you in your love for Christ.

15 Sep 2020

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