Taking it Easy Now

Parents & Grand Parents, your wonderful children do you hear them singing.  Do they sing along with the TV or radio?   Have you heard them all over the house during lockdown?  

We want to see your children or your grandchildren using their beautiful voices to worship the Lord - its very easy we just want you to send them your videos of this singing along to this song about the Lord and how, because we know the Lord, we can take it easy.  

Please send your videos of children 3-15 years old singing along to "Taking it Easy Now" by Whatsapp ++447931761056 or by email to music@revelationtv.com.

You can view the words to the song in the video below or by downloading a copy of the video from here.  And then all you've got to do is take a video of the and then send it to us.  Simple! 

We so look forward to receiving those videos.  God bless you.



19 May 2020

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