Should the Coronavirus Act 2020 be suspended now Freedom Day is here

In this week’s Politics Today, we will be discussing how the government is planning to lift most of the Covid19 restrictions on Monday 19th July, that have been in place for sixteen months. We have had our personal freedoms restricted including attending Church. Now these restrictions are being lifted we will be asking why has the government not scrapped or suspended the Coronavirus Act 2020?

At the start of the pandemic in March 2020 the government pushed through the Coronavirus Act 2020 into law with little or no parliamentary scrutiny to give this government unprecedented emergency powers. No government in peacetime has ever given themselves this amount of executive power this means we are currently no longer a Parliamentary democracy.

Parliament will not have an opportunity to vote the governments new executive powers until September. We need to ask the important question why is our mainstream media or our elected representatives not discussing the need to suspend the Coronavirus Act? Only with the scrapping of this legislation shall this nation return to a Parliamentary democracy again and why not if the government is lifting the Covid19 restrictions?

Please watch this week’s Politics Today tonight at 8.30 pm because our liberties are in danger.

22 Jul 2021

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