Self isolation - You don't have to be alone, alone

You don’t have to be alone, alone.

Self-isolation has become a new but increasingly familiar term.  People all over the world are being told to self-isolate to protect themselves and others.  This means literally not leaving the house or seeing other people for 14 days.  Some delight at two weeks at home, but many people dread the thought of not seeing anybody for days.

Especially at risk are the elderly.  Not only of the virus, but also the negative effects of self-isolation.  The vulnerable are also hugely at the risk of finding self-isolation hard on their mental health.

Human contact is a vital part of human life.   God knows this.   Our first commandment is to love God with all our hearts, souls and minds, and also to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Revelation TV is an award winning Christian Television Channel, a Church without Walls, broadcasting 24 hours a day and comes right in to your home.  In our live programmes we sit on one sofa, you sit on another and we talk.

When the channel was launched in 2003, the clear vision given by God was to establish a Christian television station which would present the gospel of Christ and also maximise the participation of viewers in all the programs.  

The vision also included seeking to address day to day issues by giving a uniquely Christian perspective.

Through our wide variety of programmes, you can watch, learn, and grow in your spiritual journey.

With email and text interaction on our many live programmes where we encourage you to have your voice heard and be a vital part of our discussions.

We have Bible Studies, currently we are studying Acts.  A Late Show and a Live Show looking deeper in to theological issues, Q and A allows you to ask those burning questions on your heart.  Insight Life and She Matters are just two of our lifestyle programmes, both live for your interaction.  

The Healing Word on a Friday night delves in to the Word and invites you to be a part of praying for others or ask for prayer yourself.

On Sundays you don’t have to miss church. Our Church without Walls service incorporates worship, a sermon and an opportunity to share communion with many around the world. 

There’s a programme or programmes for everybody – you don’t have to be alone, alone.

Will you join us?  Or tell somebody about us?

Nobody has to be alone, alone.  

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12 Mar 2020

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