Roku® streaming device

Roku® streaming devices offer a reliable and economic way to watch Revelation TV on most modern televisions with a HDMI input located where wireless Internet is available in your home. Some televisions come with a Roku® streaming device pre-installed. You can buy a Roku® streaming device or a new TV with preinstalled Roku® from Argos and other  UK stores.

Roku® streaming devices cost less than $30/£30 to purchase with no monthly subscription costs to view Revelation TV. Recommended UK Retailers - click here.

To use your Roku® streaming devices you will need to create a free account activating your new Roku® device on website

Once your Roku® account and device are activated on the Roku® website, remain logged in and you should be able to add Revelation TV to your Roku®device using this link  If you are already a Roku® user log in to your existing Roku® account and use the same link.

Alternatively once your Roku® account and device are activated you can add Revelation TV on your TV screen using your remote control. Go to "Streaming Channels" "Religious" then scroll down till you find Revelation TV. There are a large number of channels in this category so you make need to scroll down several rows.of channels. Currently Revelation TV is around row 40. If you see  a "Search" option then you could skip the above and type in "Revelation TV" and then add.

Should you find you need further help in activating or linking your Roku® streaming device to your Roku® account please read this information from Roku®. There are some videos on YouTube that you may find helpful like this one. You can also phone Roku®. support for further help on +44 (0)2036841123.

Please be aware that once your Roku® account is set up you can delete any credit or debit card information given. PayPal can also be used to set up a Roku® account. Currently you can set up a verified PayPal account using your email address without the need to complete the add bank or credit card details stage. With your verified PayPal account you can open a Roku® account and set up your Roku® device.



If you expect to watch live shows on Revelation TV in the UK please visit this site  //

26 Mar 2019

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