Roku® streaming device

Roku® streaming devices offer a reliable and economic way to watch Revelation TV on most modern televisions with a HDMI input available and where wireless Internet is available. Some televisions , especially in USA, come with a Roku® streaming device pre-installed. You can buy a Roku® streaming device from these UK stores.

Roku® streaming devices cost less than $30/£30 to purchase with no monthly subscription costs to view Revelation TV.

To use your Roku® streaming devices you will need to create a free account activating your new Roku® device on website If you need help to activate or link your Roku® streaming device to your Roku® account please read this information from Roku®. There are some videos on YouTube that you may find helpful like this one.

If you have already activated your Roku® streaming device please read here for help installing Revelation TV: Alternatively just search for "Revelation TV" on your Roku® streaming device and install. You can also phone Roku®. support for further help on +44 (0)2036841123.

Please be aware that once your Roku® account is set up you can delete any credit card information given. PayPal can also be used to set up a Roku® account.

26 Mar 2019

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