Remembering the First Anniversary of the National Lockdown

In this week’s home edition of Politics Today, we will be marking the first anniversary of Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s television address to the nation to announce the first UK wide lockdown. Twelve months on we are still in lockdown with the Prime Minister warning of a third wave of the virus.

To mark the occasion Simon Barrett is joined by Paul Diamond one of the countries leading Christian Barristers who has dedicated his career to defending Christian freedoms and Donald Boyd, leader of the Scottish Christian party.

They discuss how debate on the virus and the lockdown have been effectively shutdown both in Scotland and in England and with democracy and liberty being the victims. A year on from the first national lockdown we are still in a lockdown with government taking unprecedented powers in the Corona Virus Act 2020.

This is despite the national figures that point to the fact that there have only been seventeen deaths due to Covid 19 over the past two weeks and infection rates are the lowest since September 2020.

Please watch this week’s home edition of Politics Today on Thursday at 8.30 pm as we mark the first anniversary of the national lockdown.

01 Apr 2021

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