Remembering The Brave 21 Coptic Christian Martyrs | Fifth anniversary

Christians around the world are taking time this week to remember the brave 21 Coptic Christians who were martyred for their faith because they would not deny Jesus Christ.

February 2020 marks the fifth anniversary of the hearbreaking incident, what resulted however was a vision of honour and resilience demonstrated by the 21 men as they faced their final moments, they indeed did “…not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul” (Matthew 10:28).

Let’s remember, the greatest place for light is in darkness, and the greatest opportunity to do good is where there is greatest evil. Church Without Walls let’s stand as one and pray for:

  1. The families of the 21 Coptic Martyrs
  2. The Coptic Christians in Egypt
  3. The persecuted Church in the Middle East
  4. The families of martyrs around the world
  5. The persecutors ISIS

“Our Heavenly Father, we stand together and celebrate the lives of our Coptic brothers, they fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith” (2 Tim 4:7). You are the defender of the fatherless and widows, we ask that You abundantly provide for their families in all of their needs, both worldly and spiritual. Comfort them and assure them that their suffering is not in vain. We also pray for all Christians living in the Middle East as they bravely share the Gospel and Your love with those who do not know You. Hide them under the shadow of Your wings and protect them from harm. Unveil the eyes of the persecutors, open their hearts to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Thank you. In the name of Jesus. Amen!

Coptic image of the 21 martyrs being welcomed by Christ into Heaven

The Coptic family’s reaction and their radcial forgivness has amazed the muslim world.

“To be honest, I was happy when I saw my son in the video,” one father said, “because then I knew the place he had gone to. And when I saw he died with the name of Jesus on his lips, I was very proud. I rejoiced!”

“ISIS thought the killing of our relatives would destroy us," one wife said, "it did not. It revived us.”

WATCH our Persecuted Church episode below which includes interviews with the Coptic families, and SEE that our God transforms tragedies into profound testimonies.



11 Feb 2020

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