Prophecy Update with one of America’s leading Bible Prophecy Teachers

In this week’s home edition of The Middle East Report, we are joined by a special guest who is one of America’s leading bible teacher John Haller from Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio. 

In this interview we learn about John Haller’s early life and how he committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at eight years old from listening to one of his father’s sermons. He discusses his father’s passion for bible prophecy that inspired him, and he pursued a career in law before starting his weekly prophetic updates in the late 1990’s. 

John discusses where were in terms of God’s prophetic time clock that centres on Israel and how our world has challenged beyond are recognition since the arrival of Covid19 as end time events are accelerating. 

Please watch this prophetic edition of the Middle East Report home edition this Friday at 9pm exclusively on Revelation TV. 

10 Sep 2021

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