Paul stops in Corinth

Every Monday join the Bible Study team who are currently deep in the book of Acts.  

The book of Acts is the important fifth book of the New Testament which details the birth and growth of the early Church with much to learn for us today.
This week they are in Acts 18:1-17 as Paul's last stop in Europe is Corinth, just west of Athens. There he meets Aquila and Priscilla, who had been turfed out of Rome by Emperor Claudius.
Join our Bible Study team as they continue their journey in to these verses and speak of revelation each from their own point of view – as in life, each of us different but inspired by God’s spirit. Tim Vince is an educationalist, Alan Tun a lawyer and Ian Bell a Baptist Minister - each approaches the scriptures from a different angle but with the same heart.
 Always an inspirational programme.
Monday 9pm repeated 2pm Tuesday - see you there.

11 Jan 2021

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