Paul shares from his experience in Rome

Bible Study - Philippians - C1 V12 to V26 

Paul shares from his experience in Rome, of how God has used him to advance the gospel there, even though he had been in chains for almost 2 years. 

In fact, God has used his chains to get the Gospel to all the 10,000 soldiers of the Praetorium Guard, and to many others in Caesar's Palace. 

Moreover, Paul's boldness to preach Christ, despite his chains, had stimulated all the Christians in Rome to witness with renewed boldness.

We see how Paul handled his critics and competitors. Through it all, we see Paul's passion for the Gospel, and his willingness to die for Christ.

His main concern was that, whether by life or by death, He would continue to glorify Christ, by staying true to Christ, and not being ashamed of the Gospel.

For this to be fulfilled, he knew that he needed the generous supply of the Holy Spirit, which came in part through the prayers of the Philippians for him.

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11 Oct 2021

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