Paul gets in to another argument

Monday night means it's our time for Bible Study and this month they continue to take an indepth walk through the book of Acts, each one in an their own unique way. 

Join Tim Vince, Alan Tun and Ian Bell our three wise men who have each extensive knowledge of the Bible and bring too their own life experiences with the Lord.

This important fifth book of the New Testament which details the birth and development of the early Church when a great number believed and turned to the Lord but yet life was not also without its twists and turns. What can we learn from it today?

Acts 15 v36 to 16 v5 
Paul gets into another argument. This time it's with Barnabas, who wants to take John Mark on their next missionary journey, and Paul doesn't.

What happens within this group as they have to make a decision, what can we learn from this and how will each of our Bible Study team interpret this?

Don't miss it!

Bible Study, Monday at 9pm repeated at Tuesday at 2pm.  Be there.

30 Nov 2020

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