Overcoming Relational Trauma

ARISE! BE WHOLE. TAKE YOUR PLACE. NEW HEALING FOR YOUR MIND is a book written by Dr Miranda-Stone for those who have experienced neglect, and/or emotional, verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse violations and abuse especially during their early years. Sadly, these experiences early in life affect the trajectory of the rest of people's lives in most fundamental ways that most do not realise are rooted in these formative experiences.

Do you struggle with relationships? Do you feel fundamentally flawed and/or alone? Different to everyone else? If you do and have experienced early relational betrayal through the experiences listed above, the information in this book has the potential to transform your life if you apply what is in it, especially if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. Too many Christians live lives that do not match God’s promises available through faith in Jesus Christ. They wonder, “Is God real?” “Why did He allow what happened to me?” They fail to grasp new life in Christ. Jesus did not overcome all of the bondage of darkness for His church to live this way!

ARISE! BE WHOLE. TAKE YOUR PLACE. NEW HEALING FOR YOUR MIND gives Christians the knowledge to understand the neurological impact of trauma, relational and otherwise, how it affects our mental health and relationships, and how these experiences create obstructions which blind us to the reality of a transformed life in Christ. A healing mechanism that God has created us with, which can transform our mental health, is also elucidated. Freedom from darkness is not just a future spiritual reality; God intends for you to have it now, in this life, to accomplish the victorious plans He has for you. Don´t miss our interview with her, it will transform your life!!!

14 Sep 2021

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