‘OFFENSIVE’ Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus Christmas Cards

“It is just another sad example of the kind of under the radar discrimination Christians around Europe and currently facing.”

The cards were produced by Yorkshire-based gift company Love Layla, which states on its website that it creates cards that are "realistic, hilarious and not full of bulls***." Stacey Dennis, the owner of Love Layla has said Christmas is not just about religion after producing a range of Christmas cards that mock Christianity.

One of the cards reads: "Mary just needs to admit she slept with someone else".

Another card in the range is designed with the slogan: "Jesus was born to save t***s like you", while another states "Sorry your December birthday is overshadowed by a bloke that wore socks with sandals".

Dennis also said the company does not set out to upset anyone, she said:

"We've really pulled out all the stops for this year's Christmas range as this is what our customers want with some designs providing much more of a playful edge. And with the way this year has panned out, people are in real need of a laugh and a giggle. Christmas isn't just about religion it's also about having fun and enjoying ourselves. We're just trying to be original and funny by catering for all different types of humour, we don't set out to deliberately upset anyone."

James Mildred, communication manager of Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) said this is something that is deemed "deeply" offensive to many Christians. According to the Independent, he said: "It highlights a fundamental hypocrisy that Christianity is seen as fair game to mock, disparage and insult. "As Christians we believe it is vital to exercise respect when sharing our views and listening to what others think. This card is the opposite of respectful. Sadly, this happens every Christmas, which is such an important time in the Christian calendar. It is just another sad example of the kind of under the radar discrimination Christians around Europe and currently facing."

Dennis added if the cards do not fit people's taste, they have plenty of other options, "There's plenty of choices available out there for those who believe Christmas and comedy don't mix."

Stacey Dennis

These are signs of the End Times, as it's written:

“In the last days, scoffers will come.” ( Jude 1:18)

“Scoffers” are mocking Christ, and ridiculing the things of God because they deny the truths of Scripture and entice others to go along with his error. Scoffers have been around since day one, we see a rapid increase of scoffers in our world today, just as Scripture warned us it would. More and more organistaions are opposing the Gospel, nations are even clamping down on Christians celebrating Christmas, because they do not want people to hear the True Gospel - the Good News of Jesus Christ. Watch below the countries that have actually banned Christmas, or do everything they can to oppose it.

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Article | Tola Mbakwe

18 Dec 2019

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