Noah's Ark replica here to help Britain through Brexit, says owner

A replica of Noah's Ark is now open to the public in Ipswich, having made a spontaneous stop in the UK because of Brexit.

The boat is 70 metres long, open to the public every day and designed by Aad Peters, a Dutch TV and theatre producer.

Inside is a museum, telling famous stories from the Bible, such as the judgement of Solomon, Moses and Adam and Eve, through woodcraft.

It was meant to visit Germany but made a last minute change of direction to England, explained Mr Peters.

He said: "I thought that we have to go to England because I want to make a statement that you guys are not alone. We're here as friends, as brothers, and the Ark is also a sign of hope."

"What makes me sad about England is the mistrust which creates all the discussions. You don't see each other anymore. You get into 'this one on this side' and 'that guy and that side'. We have the story here on the ark from King Solomon and I always believe that if the Bible doesn't give a picture to you today, why should I read the Bible?"

Mr Peters said the story of Solomon threatening to kill a baby in order to find out who the baby's true mother was, found in 1 Kings 3, is a challenge to today's Remainers and Leavers to simply get along with each other as well as the rest of Europe.

"In the Brexit stuff, don't forget to love each other, don't forget to see each other because you might 'kill the baby'. That Bible story is an amazing story, even in this complication of England or the relationship between each other.

"I'm not saying I'm for or against Brexit, I don't care it's up to you guys, but I care if you don't see each other anymore and then we kill the love."



18 Nov 2019

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