No-fault divorce

No-fault divorce Bill

One of our major concerns following the announcement of the suspesion of Parliment From  Monday, 9 September till 14 October  is what will become of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill

By making divorce quicker and easier in England and Wales it will promote family breakdown, increasing personal heartbreak and societal crisis. The Divorce Bill will mean more children living without a mum or a dad.

We know that marriage is best for children and adults, as study after study shows. Yet this Bill would allow one spouse to walk away from the other without giving any reason in as little as six months. It strips away any sense of legal stability in marriage.

Lack of scrutiny

So far, the Bill has received very little scrutiny, either in Parliament or the media. Attention is elsewhere. The last administration scheduled the key debate when it was known the Bill’s opponents couldn’t attend.

The sponsor of the Bill was David Gauke, the then Justice Secretary. His policies do not have to be followed by the new Government. His proposal to consult on legalising euthanasia seems to have been dropped. We give thanks to God for that.

With the parliamentary session ending very soon, there’s a risk the parties could collude to bypass the normal legislative process and rush the Bill onto the statute books. We must pray that this does not happen. Pray that the Bill will be dropped by the new administration. Permanently.


Please join us in praying:

  • For Her Majesty the Queen, that she may be protected;
  • Giving thanks for the stability and freedom we have enjoyed for many years in the UK;
  • For the Government, Parliament and all others in authority to have wisdom to stand up for what is right;
  • That the current period of turmoil will not be exploited for evil and will quickly come to an end;
  • For believers in Parliament and the civil service to be courageous salt and light;
  • That the Divorce Bill will be dropped.

(The Christian Institute 31 Aug 2019)

02 Sep 2019

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