National Healing

On Insight Live this week join Kurt and Melanie as they interview Nancy Goudie, author, speaker and founder of the Spiritual Health Weekend conferences to discuss the healing of our nation.

Do we believe it´s possible for God´s kingdom to come to earth?

What would His kingdom of peace, joy and righteousness look like on earth. 

Nancy Goudie has pioneered unique and creative conferences called Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Weekends, which are extremely popular and are often sold out weeks before the event.  Hundreds of women from the UK and beyond attend these conferences each year and testify to this being an incredible life-changing event for them. In 2022 she will be celebrating 25 years of holding these events at the Metropole Hilton Hotel in Birmingham.

Don´t miss this programme on national healing and taking our part as Kurt & Melanie believe you will experience an incredible impartation of joy and find your role in ushering in God´s Kingdom on earth!

Insight Live - Tuesday 9pm live and interactive for your emails and repeated Saturday 1pm.  

Join them to be inspired and encouraged.


12 Jan 2021

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