Ministry to the Gentiles

Every Monday night means Bible Study. 

Join the Bible Study team who are currently deep in the book of Acts.  This week join them as they continue their journey and find themselves in Acts 18 v4 to 23.  

At this point, Paul spends a couple of years in Corinth.  His ministry shifts primarily to the gentiles, after the Jews reject his teaching in the synagogues.

He then sails for Syria, his second missionary journey completed, taking Priscilla and Aquila with him and leaving them in Ephesus to the way back to Judea.

What can we learn from his journey for our lives and the life of the Church and the Kingdom.

This important fifth book of the Bible details the growth of the early Church and how the gospel started to be shared after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The Bible Study team, all come from different back grounds - Tim Vince is an educationalist, Alan Tun a lawyer and Ian Bell a Baptist Minister - each great men of God with years living and growing in faith in their own lives, ministry and study of the theology.

Join them for Bible Study, always an inspirational, encouraging programme full of wisdom, teaching and life.

Bible Study, Monday 9pm repeated 2pm Tuesday.
Don't miss it!

18 Jan 2021

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