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On the Middle East Report join Simon Barrett with guests from Magen David Adom UK, Israels National Emergency Service, as they discuss how Israel’s national emergency service MDA has been dealing with the global pandemic Covid 19?

Magen David Adom has for the past 72 years has had to deal with wars, terrorism, missile attacks and ordinary medical call out and Cristians have made a huge difference to the work of MDA in Israel by providing Ambulances and much needed medical equipment. 

This week however the number of Cases of Covid 19 in Israel in fact by Thursday night it was recording 1,000 new cases - the most it has ever recorded in a single day. This peak now is higher than the first one.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement to the nation on Thursday evening was blunt. "Citizens of Israel, the corona crisis is continuing to hit the world," he said.
"There were those here who took this lightly. They said that the virus would go away on its own, but it has not gone away. They said, 'In summer, the heat will eliminate the virus'. However, reality has proven this assumption to be baseless. Summer is here and so is the virus in a big way, unfortunately.”

In the Palestinian Authority a full five-day total lockdown has now been re-imposed and now across Israel, new local lockdowns are being put in place. 
Most cases are mild but serious cases seem to be doubling every few days. The hospitals being overloaded is the biggest fear.

Join Simon and his guests as they talk about the fact that Israel is on verge of creating an antibody to defeat the Corona Virus announced by Israel’s Institute for Biological Research that is connected to the IDF and MDA have been involved in this process with blood and stem cell research. 
He will be talking about how Israel is working with the Palestinian Authority Health department in co-ordinating and sharing vital information to contain Covid 19. Israel provides test kits, laboratory supplies, medicines, and much need PPE for Palestinian health workers. 

Sadly leaders of the Palestinian Authority prefer their own people suffer with Covid 19 rather than co-operate with Israel.  According to Richard Kemp’s excellent article on the Gatestone Institute website where he says that PA publications are deliberately fabricating stories and claiming that Israel is deliberately spreading the virus to contaminate Palestinian prisoners with Covid 19 and using as a biological weapon against the Palestinian people. What is your response to these dangerous and malicious lies coming out of the Palestinian Authority towards Israel? 

Join Simon and his guests to talk about this and more.

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31 Jul 2020

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