Mental Health and the Spirit of Fear

Join Nikki on Best Bits at 9pm tonight! 

Mental health, anxiety and a spirit of fear seemed to be a common theme across our programmes on Revelation TV this week including on Insight Live, R Mornings and Church Without Walls. But we had some encouragement on The Late Show from Mark that there is hope in suffering and on Everyday Living Pastor Dave ensured us that God is with us throughout all our dark times and weakness. 

Dr Sam, mender of Hearts was back on Voice in the Wilderness after popular demand spreading his infectious energy and fire for God while Howard and Lesley gave us an update on the air raid shelters tithes for Vision for Israel. 

Also tonight on Best Bits a special interview with former footballers Lee Payne and Gavin Peacock will also be featured about how Gavin went from pitch to pulpit!

All this and more TONIGHT at 9pm. 

05 Jun 2021

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