Mark the Cabbie and his son Jack tonight on The Late Show

Tonight on the Late Show who’s back?! It’s Mark the Cabbie (now the driving instructor) and his son Jack.

Both hugely popular on Revelation TV Mark has been presenting shows on Revelation TV for a number of years hosting a variety of shows from Word and Prayer to the Late Show and Speakers Corner and the Q and A show.

Jack a young Chrisitan brought up in a Christian household and facing the challenges and joys of his age group has shared openly the help knowing God has had in helping him navigate and overcome in his life.

Both speak openly about the journey they have been on with God and give God all the Glory for the place they find themselves in day to day.  On the Late Show they will be talking about Hope after Covid-19 - as the page turns on this season we are entering a season of new hope in the Lord.

Join them for their first programme back tonight at 10pm and it will be live and interactive for your questions.

The Late Show, Monday 10pm - see you there!

29 Jun 2020

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