Living in your body with joy

Do you live in your body with joy?  

Join the She Matters team as they look at what this means and how we can do it?  Are our bodies a vehicle for life or part of our Spiritual journeys and how do our habits in our bodies shape our lives?  

Simone, Edith and Jacqui start a new series of programmes inviting you to start some new habits and build some new spiritual muscles all ready for Christmas and the New Year.

Jesus had a habit of going to lonely places and praying and we saw the fruit of it in his life - even he, the son of God, withdrew to lonely places to spend time with God.

What habits shape your life and does your life look the way you would like it to? And if not what habits might get you to be that person, does a man (or woman) make a habit or a habit make a man or woman.

Who else in the Bible had habits that shaped their lives?  Join them live for the usual lively programme, it might just change your life.

19 Nov 2020

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