Jonathan Mensah from Gang to Christ

Join Yemi and Sylvia on The Twilight Zone on Tuesday where they will interviewing Brother Jonathan Mensah, also known as the Preacher.

Jonathan is an influential speaker, enthusiastic host and rap artist who produces faith-filled and inspirational music which revolves around his personal experiences, his generations, his past and his faith.

Jonathan was a gang member. 

He up in jail, but the Lord delivered him.

Join them as he shares his journey from being a gang member to being Born Again and tells of a changed life.

This programme will surely bless families who are dealing with young people involved in gangs and bring them hope.

His new single "Thoughts + Feelings" is now available on Youtube. 

This is the start of a series of conversations where Jonathan shares his heart and mind about the true him which many do not know about yet.

He works as Assistant Accountant in the cosmetics industry and serves as a Youth Pastor Co-ordinator at his church.  He loves to help and encourage the youth to grow in their faith in Christ and see God is in in their everyday lives. 

Jonathan’s been married for just over 12 months now and still learning how to love his wife.  They both run videos on their YouTube channel on, "Marriage & Money".  Sharing tips about managing your finances as a couple and their journey in marriage. 

Don't miss this programme that will bring hope inspiration and revelation to people of all ages and backgrounds.  How can we reach those involved in gang culture and how can we pray for them?

The Twilight Zone Tuesday repeated Saturday at 11.30.

On Revelation TV the finest!  See you there

15 Sep 2020

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