Join Nikki at 9pm on Saturday for Best Bits of the Week

This week we had our very special monthly programme Time For Revelation where we give you insights and updates with all that is happening with the channel. The presenters also shared what some of their life goals are which will be featured in Best Bits.

Spreading the Gospel and making disciples of all nations was a common theme running through some of our programmes: a testimony of being called as a Prophet was given on The Twilight Zone while Regan and his guest discussed evangelism and its important part as an outworking of our identity in Christ on Bible Topics. 


Pastor Derek Walker from The Oxford Bible Church shared his wisdom with us on Bible Study and The Q&A Show while Sarah Tun was giving us some Biblical advice in her God Day on how to handle injustice.

All this and lots more on Best Bits of the Week at 9pm on Saturday, repeated 1pm on Sunday. 

20 Jan 2023

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