The midweek Church without Walls service where we pay tribute to the life of Ravi Zacharias


The midweek service you may be familiar with the Sunday Church without Walls service with uplifting hymns for you to sing along with and of course prayers and the live interaction.

The midweek service has a slightly different format, only one hour instead of two, Gordon and Lorna like to share a devotional in place of the message you might see on the Sunday service.  But you will know you are in the same place as our Church Without Walls Service on Sunday and they look forward to having this midweek opportunity to share this time with you.

Each week is different – last week they focussed on Jehovah Jireh the Lord our provider and on the work of Christian ministries seeking to help those struggling in this area.

This week will be different again as they pay heartfelt tribute to a great man of God who has just gone to be with the Lord, Ravi Zachariah. A man loved and admired by many and whose life and search for truth in God affected so many in many ways. Converted at 17 from atheism he travelled the world preaching the gospel and reaching many for Christ even on his death bed all he could talk about was his Saviour. Whilst many prayed he would be healed from the cancer he had been battling with for just a short time, the Lord decided to take him home to be with Him on Tuesday 19th May, 2020.  

Gordon and Lorna will be sharing some of his life’s journey – a journey that will touch and inspire each one of us and to pay tribute to the wonderful work he did for the Kingdom.  


20 May 2020

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