Israel news update from Magen David Adom UK

In this week’s edition of the Middle East Report, we will feature two representatives of Magen David Adom UK as they discuss the exciting news that after four years of construction and the cost of over $135 million the national blood centre in Israel is now open. 

Israel’s new MDA National Blood Centre is the first of its kind to be built anywhere in the world in that it is deep underground and is rocket and earthquake proof. We discuss how protecting Israel’s supply of blood is a strategic necessity and needs protecting from Hamas and Hezbollah rockets. 

We also discuss how MDA, have helped to set up field hospitals in the Moldova to help Ukranian refugees fleeing the terrible Russian invasion. 

Please join us for this week’s The Middle East Report tonight at 9pm as we get an Israel news update from Magen David Adom UK.

17 Jun 2022

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