Is the government planning to criminalise Christian prayer and speech

In this week’s edition of Politics Today, Simon Barrett will host Tim Dieppe from Christian Concern and Hugh Kitson, Christian film producer as they will be discussing how the Conservative government is planning to criminalise Christian prayer and speech. 


The Tory led government led by Rishi Sunak. according to recent press reports are preparing to introduce legislation that could criminalise Christian prayer and speech as they bow the knee to the progressive liberal agenda. 


We are already seeing that local councils in Bournemouth and Birmingham are criminalising prayer and counselling outside abortion clinics as they set up buffer zones. 


We will be discussing if these local councils and then the government is able to criminal prayer then we are heading towards an authoritarian state. Christians need to step up prayers for our government and speaking up for biblical values. 


Please join us on Politics Today as we will be discussing Christian freedoms on Thursday at 8.30 pm.


25 Jan 2023

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