Is the UN stepping up its hatred of Israel

Join Simon Barrett and Regan King as they discuss how the United Nations is increasingly singling out the State of Israel for attack and condemnation.

According to the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs – The UN Human Rights Council has launched the most hostile anti-Israel inquisition in the UN history. The UN’s new commission of enquiry has pre-determined the outcome by proclaiming that the Jewish State is racist, undermines Israel’s right to self-defence and accuses Israel of war crimes and crimes against humanity. There is an absent of discussion on Hamas the Islamist terror organisation based in Gaza responsible for firing thousands of rockets and missiles targeting Israeli civilians. 

This UN enquiry has been instigated by the Palestinian Authority surrounding Israel’s defensive war against Hamas on the 10th of May 2021, when the terror organisation fired more than 4,360 rockets and mortars into Israel and intense 11 days of fighting. 

We discuss again how the United Nations is targeting the only democracy and the only nation that defends human rights with its democratic institutions in the Middle East Report. 

Please join us live for Behind the Headlines as we discuss how the UN targeting Israel on Wednesday at 9pm. 

12 Jan 2022

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