Is the Iranian regime stepping up its terror activities against Britain and the West

In this week’s edition of Behind The Headlines, we will be discussing the real danger and threat posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran to Britain and the West. As the extremist government in Tehran is rocked by the mass protests at home it is increasing its oppression against its own people and increasing its terrorist activities abroad. 


Last week it was reported that a deadly shipment of Uranium was discovered at Heathrow airport that was destined for Iranian nations living in the UK to carryout a dirty bomb attack or a nuclear assassination on British soil. 


As this story broke the Iranian regime executed Alireza Akbari a Iranian – British national accused of spying that promoted the Foreign Security James Cleverly, to withdrawal temporarily the British Ambassador in Tehran. There is growing calls for Britain to prescribe the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terror organisation in response to Iran’s increasing hostility to the UK. 


We will be asking is time that Britain and the West woke up to the increasing terrorist threat posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran before its too late? 


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17 Jan 2023

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