Is the Earth flat

On The Twilight Zone this week, Sylvia and Yemi will be asking, is the earth flat, as some would want to make us believe. 

There are several movements across the globe known as the flat earth movement.

Sometimes called the flat-earthers.

They believe contrary to scientific and biblical proofs, that the earth is flat.

Who are these people? Why do they hold on to this belief?

We will be exploring their reasons for believing the earth is flat.

So, join us as we look at this idea from the flat-earthers’ perspective to see if the idea lines up with the Bible and science. 

It is a programme not to be missed.  What do you think?

Don't miss it, The Twilight Zone, Tuesday 10pm repeated Saturday 11.30

On Revelation TV, The Finest!!!

01 Dec 2020

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