Is Covid19 Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

In this week’s live edition of Behind the Headlines, we will be discussing how Covid19 the global pandemic is accelerating bible prophecy mentioned by Jesus himself in Matthew Chapter 24. Known as the Olivet Discourse, when the disciples asked Jesus on top of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, what will be the signs that will lead to the end of the age.? Jesus responds by comparing massive global upheavals before his return, as being like a woman giving birth and the contractions go stronger closer to the birth.

We will be discussing how Covid19 is setting the scene for the fulfilment of biblical prophecy, from an increase in religious deception, to the emergence of geo-strategic military flash points, that could lead to World War Three. How we are witnessing the raise of wars and rumours of war. We discuss how Covid19 is leading to world food shortages and famines, and how five nations on the verge of starvation according to the World Food Programme.

We discuss the rise in deadly pestilence and how Covid19 has taken the lives of nearly four million people worldwide and how over 145 million have caught the deadly virus. We discuss how we are witnessing an unpresented raise in earthquakes as Jesus mentioned. We talk about the rise of persecution against Christians across the global, and a raise in lawlessness that are all signs that we are quickly approaching the Tribulation period mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Join us live on Behind the Headlines on Wednesday night at 9pm when we discuss how bible prophecy is accelerating in our day that heralds the return of Jesus Christ.

28 Apr 2021

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