Irans global terror networks a threat to the West

In this week’s edition of Behind the Headlines, we will be discussing the extraordinary story published in the Sun newspaper this week, that Security Forces in Argentina have detained a mysterious aircraft suspected of being used by Iranian Intelligence. 

The Iranian passenger aircraft had on it five leading members of the banned Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps on it and who had links to the awful bombing of the Jewish Cultural Central Centre in 1994 that murdered 85 Jewish people and injured 300 more. 

According to the Sun newspaper, western Security officials are concerned that Iran under its new President Ebrahim Raisi, is stepping its oppression against opposition at home and increasing its support for terrorism aboard and accelerating the regimes acquisition of nuclear weapons. 

According to security experts the Iranian regime has been smuggling laser guided missiles on passenger flights to Syria in hand luggage. We will be discussing the renewed terror threat posed to Israel and the West from the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

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22 Jun 2022

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