Intimacy with God


The names of Mary and Martha are names that many people are familiar with. When Martha is spoken of, she is often scorned for being too busy to sit at Jesus’ feet while Mary is often praised for doing the opposite. Beyond that are there any other things to know about Mary and Martha? In the Bible, two of the most well-known mentions of Mary and Martha are found in the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of John. 

We can be so busy in our serving God, that we can often find it difficult to simply be with God, to sit at his feet to hear his voice.

We can feel so unproductive and it can cause insecurity. Where do we find our identity? In our doing or in our being.

God simply wants us, he loves us and desires relationship with us.

Maybe we can carve out some time this week to simply be, rather than do. 


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05 May 2022

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