Interview with the former head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry

In this week’s home edition of the Middle East Report, Simon Barrett has an exclusive interview with one Israel’s most talented and distinguished diplomats. He was the former Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and Israel’s Ambassador to the UN and Britain his name is Ambassador Prof. Ron Prosor.

In this special interview. we look back at Ron Prosor incredible diplomatic career within the Israeli Foreign Ministry from his first posting to East Germany and being there when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 to his first diplomatic posting to the UK.

We also discuss his time in being posted to Washington D.C, to be part of Israel’s diplomatic mission to the United States and his experience in being in the US capital during 9/11.

We discuss his rise to the rank of Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, where he discusses how he played a major role in formulating Israeli Foreign policy. He also discusses the important role played by Evangelical Christians in supporting Israel.

Please join Simon Barrett for this special interview with one of the leading Israeli Diplomats please watch The Middle East Report this Friday at 9pm.

16 Jul 2021

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