Insight Live looks at why is there so much fake news and how to distinguish the truth from the lies

Kurt & Melanie and their panel of experts discuss “fake news” and its increasing popularity over the last few years.

In fact “disinformation”, “alternative facts” and political and social biases has become so prevalent in the media in the media today it’s hard to tell the truth from the lies. 

They will be asking, can we distinguish the real from the fake? How is this disinformation spread and why? Who spreads it and why do so many of us eagerly believe it?

It is apparently claimed that Christians are the largest consumers of fake news. How can this be true?

Are we unwittingly guilty of believing false news, are we aware of our own biases, are we consuming news we only want to hear and block out the rest?

This is a time to ask all these questions on a topic that has become so common place we tend to accept that what we are hearing is not neccesarily factual.

Learn from the experts how you can spot fake news and disinformation, become empowered to do your own detective work - to uncover the truth behind the lies.

Do you want to know the truth or are you happier to live with the lies or half truths.  Have you been a victim of fake news and what affect did it have on you?

In this Insight live you can learn the tricks of the trade. If you are not afraid to have your “eyes opened” and want to know the truth at all costs, don´t miss Kurt & Melanie on Insight Live!


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19 May 2020

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