Insight Live Activating Our Ministry of Reconciliation

Have you ever wondered why Sunday is the most segregated day of the week when God himself has given us the ministry of reconciliation? 

Have you ever marvelled at how the author of the Book of Revelation goes out of his way to include all nations, all languages, all peoples, all cultures in the New Heaven and the New Earth? When the “New Jerusalem” comes to earth the author points out that all the kings of the earth will bring their cultural splendour into it. Does this multi-cultural splendour exist in the church today? If so, where can we find it?

Join Kurt & Melanie on Insight Live as they discuss ways in which we can activate our ministry of reconciliation in a “colour-coded” world and be inspired and learn from other Christians, such as John Perkins an African-American,  jailed and tortured by police, became a Christian and then dedicated his life to activating his ministry of reconciliation.  

Kurt and Melanie will also be telling three uplifting personal, almost hard to believe stories, about how God had activated their ministry of reconciliation in the inner-city of San Diego and in South Africa. Don´t miss it.

Insight Live 9pm Tuesday repeated Saturday at 11.30 am

30 Jun 2020

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