Howard Conder Life Stories Starting From Birth

If you are reading this article, you probably know Howard Conder as the founder of Revelation TV. But did you know he has had success in playing the drums for well-known bands in the 60’s? Did you know as a child he lived in Scotland? There are many things you will not know about Howard, but he wants to share them with you. 

Howard has written down many stories from his life which feature on his website 
However, he has started turning these accounts into a video series called Life Stories, where he can use many visual aids and music to make these accounts more interesting and easier to follow. God willing; he plans to work his way through all of the various stages of his life in documentary-style productions.

Tonight on The Late Show at 9pm, Howard shares with us the first in this series, which gives a very personal and moving insight into the foundational beginnings of his life, family and upbringing including his school life.


If you want to get a deeper understanding and know more about the man God chose to start Revelation TV, this programme is not to be missed! 


22 Sep 2022

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