How would Jesus do your Job

Do you see your work as an opportunity to serve God? Some workers, such as those in overt ministry roles (e.g., pastors, missionaries) or those in helping professions (e.g., teachers, nurses) seem to have an easier answer to this question.

But what about other professions? How, for example, may plumbers, engineers, writers, carpenters, accountants, programmers, electricians, lawyers, and call centre employees see their work as an opportunity to serve God?

Most of us devote upward of 100,000 hours of our lives to work. The significance and meaning of these hours matters. Is this 100,000-hour investment of our lives disconnected from our life of faith, or do these hours connect meaningfully with who we are as persons of faith? In what way is our work a means to living out a vocational call on our lives—a means to serving God in and through our work?

Representing a wide cross-section of organisational levels and including very real stories of ‘successes’ and ‘failures’, Peter Ibison in his book: Don’t Steal the Staples - Towards a Better Vision for Faith in the Workplace, provides helpful and practical suggestions as to how to live as a Christian in the workplace.

Tonight at 9pm, live and interactive. 

12 Oct 2021

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